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How to grow a moss lawn

How to grow a moss lawn: In some areas of the country, moss within the lawn is that the homeowner’s nemesis. It takes over turf grass and leaves unsightly brown patches in summer when it goes dormant.

For the remainder folks , moss are often an excellent alternative thereto high maintenance grass. Using moss as lawn provides wonderful springy groundcover which may be walked on moderately/

A no mow alternative and rich, deep color and texture. it’d be an honest choice for your lawn needs. find out how to grow a moss lawn and see if it’s the right option for you.

How to Grow a Moss Lawn

Site preparation is that the most vital step. Remove any plants within the area and rake it smooth and freed from debris. Check the soil pH, which should be around 5.5. If your soil is higher, lower the pH with sulfur applied as directed. Once the soil has been amended, tamp it right down to a solid surface.

Then it’s time to plant. it’s not recommended to reap mosses from nature, as these are important parts of the ecosystem and can take an extended time to re-establish within the environment. Mosses are often purchased from some nurseries otherwise you can propagate moss, making moss slurry by grinding up the moss with water and broadcasting it onto the prepared surface.