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How to clean hot tub filter

How to clean hot tub filter: Keeping your bathtub clean isn’t just how to make sure a pleasant bathing experience, it’s also important for ongoing maintenance and to stay your spa running smoothly. one among the key aspects of keeping a bathtub clean is taking care of your bathtub filter with regular cleaning and periodic replacement.

Keeping a spa filter clean can have benefits that you simply may haven’t assumed including better efficiency, using fewer chemicals and increasing jet power! This blog post will assist you to understand what a bathtub filter is, what it does, why it’s important to stay it clean, the way to clean a filter and a few useful tips and advice.

As outlined above, a bathtub filter is prime to the workings of a bathtub and if dirty it can cause the subsequent issues:

Low Flow – this will be highlighted by a mistake message on the screen like “—” or “FLO” or “DRY”. this is often where the sensors aren’t sensing enough flow through the heater therefore the heater stops for safety. Low flow also can cause strain on the pump, slower heating and fewer power coming through the jets.

Dirty water. The filter plays a key part alongside your sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) to stay your bathtub clean. When a filter is clogged or dirty then it can disrupt water clarity, cleanliness and also cause inefficient sanitisation (using many chlorine or bromine). Read More